Fear us, or Join us!

Just by this name, a mystery is aroused, a power is ready to arise.

1. The meaning
The leader of a group (dating from around 2004) took the first letter of each member's first name to try to make an unusual name.
And after several tests and reviews, the name X-Jogap was born.
Since then, it has continued to remain full of memories and as powerful as ever.

2. Our experience
The Counter-Strike team has officially existed since Friday July 4, 2008.
We did several LANs between us, friends, officials and a lot of online matches.

3. Our goal
Our goal is simple, we seek to always become better, but without forgetting to have fun.
Counter-Strike is much more than a game "for us, it's a passion. In addition to playing, we study it, whether it's obviously strategies or perfection, we have been able to dissect it at maximum configurations, settings and many other things.

4. Our means
Since day one, we have strived to maintain a game server (when necessary), voice server, site, monitoring and presence as best as possible.
In addition, we try to take a game server among the best on the market, we update our tools and our knowledge to always stay up to date.

  • Welcome to all newcomers
  • Find us on our Site, Discord, Youtube and Twitch
  • Be polite and courteous to everyone
  • Have a headset and microphone to be able to communicate
  • Have a minimum of year of experience
  • Consider training in DeathMatch (DM) first
  • Ensure a minimum of Activity and Participations
  • Only IRLs/Ancients can level up
  • Remember to give us your Discord nickname to have the rights
  • We are a French Clan, so you must communicate in this language
  • You must respect the rules of the Clan and the directives of the Chiefs