Boom Beach

Fear us, or Join us!

Launched in March 2014, a tactical mix of strategy and combat, transports players into an island conflict against the evil Black Guard.

Players must free the imprisoned islanders, explore the archipelago and defeat the enemy bosses.

The game stands out for its focus on exploration and discovery of new islands, each representing a unique challenge.

The ability to launch coordinated assaults with other players against enemy bases adds a strategic cooperative dimension.


  • Welcome to all the new ones
  • Find us on our Site, Discord, Youtube and Twitch
  • Keep polite and courteous to everyone
  • Do your attacks of the Wars (GDC)
  • Ensure a minimum of Activity, Donations and Participations
  • The winnings are distributed to the first of the events
  • Only IRLs/Alumni can move up in rank
  • We have our statistics page with activity gauge
  • Remember to give us your Discord nickname to have the rights
  • We are a French Clan, so you must communicate in this language
  • You must respect the rules of the Clan and the directives of the Chiefs