Clash Royale

Fear us, or Join us!

Launched in March 2016, combines elements of card games, tower defense and real-time strategy.

Players collect and upgrade cards representing troops, spells and defense structures, and use them in PvP battles to destroy enemy towers.

The game introduces a concept of lines and a battle arena where card placement and timing are crucial to victory.

The league system, daily challenges and community tournaments contribute to a vibrant competitive environment, where strategies are constantly evolving.


  • Welcome to all newcomers
  • Find us on our Site, Discord, Youtube and Twitch
  • Keep polite and courteous to everyone
  • Consider Asking/Sending Cards to Clan Members
  • Make your War attacks (GDC)
  • Consider offering Challenges to test your decks
  • Ensure a minimum of Activity, Donations and Participations
  • The winnings are distributed at the first of the events
  • Only IRLs/Ancients can move up in rank
  • We have our statistics page with activity gauge
  • Remember to give us your Discord nickname to have the rights
  • We are a French Clan, so you must communicate in this language
  • You must respect the rules of the Clan and the directives of the Chiefs