Clash of Clans

Fear us, or Join us!

Launched in August 2012, Clash of Clans is an iconic mobile strategy game, redefining the mobile strategy genre, which has captivated millions of players around the world since its debut.

Players build and defend their village while attacking those of their opponents to gain resources and trophies during epic battles.

The game shines with its clan system, allowing players to group together to discuss strategies, exchange troops and fight together in Clan Wars (GDC), Clan League (LDC) and Capital .

The progression system, based on improving buildings and armies, offers unparalleled strategic depth, while regular updates add new units, buildings and mechanics, keeping the game fresh and engaging.


  • Welcome to all newcomers
  • Find us on our Site, Discord, Youtube and Twitch
  • Keep polite and courteous to everyone
  • Remember to Request/Send troops to Clan members
  • Make your Clan Wars/Leagues (GDC/LDC) attacks
  • Make the Clan Games (JDC) to earn Collective Bonuses
  • Consider offering Challenges to test your villages
  • Update your GDCs participation status
  • Ensure a minimum of Activity, Donations and Participations
  • The winnings are distributed to the first of the events
  • Participate in the Capital (Raids and upgrade the Camps and Barracks)
  • Only IRLs/ Alumni can move up in rank
  • We have our statistics page with activity gauge
  • Remember to give us your Discord nickname to have the rights
  • We are a French Clan, so you must communicate in this language
  • You must respect the rules of the Clan and the directives of the Chiefs